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SU JOK Healing

Su Jok Therapy was developed by a South Korean scientist, Prof. Park Jea Woo.

The Su Jok Therapy is a new discovery , unknown till now territory of the acupuncture- simple, effective and easy to practise by everybody. It is entirely  concentrated on hands and feet.

Su means a Hand and Jok means a Foot in korean language. Therefore, it is a therapy which makes use of hands and feet for treatment of diseases/disorders.

It has the same theoretical basis as the Korean Hand Acupuncture developed by Dr Yoo Tae Woo, a trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, but it has a different topography.


It is a Holistic Science for maintenance of Holistic Health. A holistic Science is one which takes care of the problems completely. i.e. at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

The correspondence systems are informative, power producing projections of the organism located on all independent part of the body. Correspondence systems are built in the ears, head, feet, hands, internal organs, tongue, eyebrows and all other parts of the body, even in each cell.
The Su Jok therapy has entirely been created on the basis of the correspondence systems located on the hands and feet. It consists of two levels. The first level is easy to use by people without medical education and includes several healing correspondence system.
From practical point of view the most important are two of them:
- Main correspondence system.
-"Insect" correspondence system.
Correspondence points are various points on Hands and Feet which correspond to various organs and part of the body. Stimulation of these correspondence points help cure a disease.

The body parts and their correspondence points work in unison continously. When an organ of our body is malfunctioning, its correspondence point becomes tender (sensitive) and painful to touch. And when this is stimulated, it normalizes the pain as well as the affected organ.
Some tools
* Uses jimmys, diagnostic probes, etc to diagnose and stimulate.

* Various kinds of magnets.

* Uses seeds on the correspondence points.

* If nothing is available, it can use any stone, pebble or anything which is not much pointed, for stimulation of the correspondence points.

* It uses needles  for acupuncture effects.

* It uses moxas sticks on the hand for giving energy.


It can be placed up to approximately 20 special hand acupuncture needles  (sterile, disposable needles)—which are considerably smaller and finer than body needles—up to 2 mm maximum into the skin using a needle applicator. They are usually left in for 20–30 minutes.

The ideal treatment frequency is daily or three times a week.

Su Jok acupuncture also uses silver and gold metal pellets, which afford the therapist and patient the opportunity to further stimulate the diagnostically located points themselves on a daily basis, and thus to improve the effect of treatment.

Self adhesive hand moxa is used on the base points for general strengthening.  



• The hand can be accessed at any time.

• The client does not need to get undressed.

• It makes  possible to achieve a rapid effect.

• The effect  can be monitored immediately by means of pulse diagnosis and palpation.

• The side effects and possible risks of body acupuncture (long needles, proximity to organs) are avoided.

• All the rules of point selection from body acupuncture are transferable to hand acupuncture.

·      Exceptionally easy to learn.

·      You don´t need to have medical education. It is naturally intended for self-treatment and everybody can practice it at home.

·      It doesn´t require special conditions, appliances, expensive instruments and can be successfully practiced at anytime, anywhere and by everybody.

·      It absolutely safe. It can be practised without any concerns and limitations because there is only one way for its effect- and it leads to recovery. If you don´t practice the method right, it can´t do any harm to you anyway. It will simply have no effect.

·      For the Su Jok practising there are no age retraints. It can be successfully used by 5-years old children as well as by old people at the age of 95.

·      Su Jok therapy can be practiced for treatment of every organ, every joint and everybody square centimetre. In fact each disease can be treated with Su Jok. There are no restrictions and contraindications for its use.

·      Su Jok is compatible with every other kind of treatment. When it is used in combination with drug, herb or other medication, it sharply speeds up the healing process.


At this simplest level of treatment, it suffices to locate the painful area of the body in the corresponding hand zone and to treat it by means of pressing, rubbing, taping on metal acupressure pellets, or needling.

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Healing Light and Color : yellow

Healing Light and Color : violet

Healing Light and Color : green

Healing Light and Color : blue

Healing Light and Color : red


Almost 80% of all impressions reach our brain through the eyes . The eyes perceive color and light

and the brain decodes these different frequencies into information. By wearing color glasses the brain

is given information that contains the frequency of that particular color - each color conveys a

different message.

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